PBN Products

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PBN Crucibles for VGF

Available from 2" in diameter to 6" in diameter

Height from 7" to 10"


PBN Crucibles for LEC

Available from 3" in diameter to 8" in diameter

Height from 3" to 8"


PBN Crucibles for Horizontal Growth Techniques

Available from 6" in length to 14" in length

Width from 2" to 3"


PBN Crucibles for MBE

Available from most types of cells for VG, RIBER, VARIAN, PERKIN ELMER AND VEECO


PBN Tubes, Plates and Rods


PBN Coating on Graphite and Other Substrates


PBN or PG Ceramic Heater Components


All Available in Custom Sizes

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