Gallium Metal

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Purity Levels
4N 6N 7N MBE Grade - 8N
99.99% 99.9999% 99.99999% 99.999999% Plus

Total Impurities
<50ppm <500ppb <50ppb <10ppb

Critical Elements
Cu <10ppm <0.5ppb <0.5ppb <0.5ppb
Zn <5ppm <3.0ppb <1.0ppb <1.0ppb
Cd <5ppm <0.5ppb <0.5ppb <0.5ppb
Si <2ppm <1.0ppb <0.5ppb <0.5ppb
Fe <5ppm <0.1ppb <0.1ppb <0.1ppb
Al <5ppm <0.2ppb <0.2ppb <0.2ppb
Ca <5ppm <5ppb <5.0ppb <5.0ppb
Na <5ppm <0.2ppb <0.2ppb <0.2ppb
Pb <10ppm <0.5ppb <0.5ppb <0.5ppb
In <10ppm <1.0ppb <0.5ppb <0.5ppb

Analysis Method: Glow Discharge Mass Spectroscopy (GDMS)

Packaging: Customer specified ingot sizes available along with squeeze bottles up to 2.5 kilos

All product shipped in accordance with I.A.T.A. and D.O.T. regulations

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