Product Line

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AXT's products include both high-performance semiconductor substrates for major electronic and opto-electronic applications, and a line of industry-critical raw materials.

In substrates, our main product line consists of gallium arsenide (GaAs) substrates in one-, two-, three-, four-, five-, and six-inch diameters. We offer a second product line of indium phosphide (InP) substrates in two-, three-, and four-inch diameters. We also produce single-element substrates  manufactured from germanium (Ge) in two- and four-inch diameters. We produce our wafers at our Tongmei facility, located in a suburb of Beijing. This large manufacturing complex totals eight buildings with about 300,000 square feet of factory area, making it what we believe is the world's largest III-V wafer production facility.

Regarding raw materials, we participate in 10 joint ventures in China that offer products critical to the entire substrate manufacturing industry. Those materials include gallium (4N, 6N and 7N Ga), arsenic (4N, 6N and 7N) and germanium, pyrolitic boron nitride (pBN) crucibles for growing crystals, and boron oxide. These raw materials are used in AXT's products and are also sold to third parties.

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