Product Line

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AXT's products include both high-performance semiconductor wafer substrates for major electronic and opto-electronic applications and a line of industry-critical raw materials.

In wafer substrates, we offer a product line of indium phosphide (InP) wafers in two-, three-, and four-inch diameters. In addition, we produce gallium arsenide (GaAs) wafer substrates in one-, two-, three-, four-, five-, and six-inch diameters. We also produce single-element wafer substrates manufactured from germanium (Ge) in two, four- and six-inch diameters. The wafer substrates are produced in China by AXT’s subsidiary, Tongmei. Tongmei operates wafer substrate production from its headquarters in Beijing and two other sites in China. In addition, as part of the supply chain strategy, AXT, Tongmei and Tongmei subsidiaries collectively have partial ownership in ten companies in China producing raw materials. Those materials include gallium (4N, 6N and 7N Ga), arsenic (4N, 6N and 7N), germanium, pyrolitic boron nitride (pBN) crucibles for growing crystals and boron oxide. These raw materials are used in AXT's products and are also sold to third parties.

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