Vision and Mission Statement

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Contact Us

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Profile & Philosophy

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AXT, Inc.

VGF Strength. Performance. Innovation.

AXT, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures and distributes high-performance compound semiconductor substrates. Our customers use our products to fabricate integrated circuits for electronic systems that operate the latest fiber optic communications, wireless communications and lighting display applications. Although our process and products are complex and technically sophisticated, our value message is elegantly straightforward - as expressed by our tagline's three AXT VGF attributes. They are:

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Environmental Commitment

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In order to serve customers with the highest level of excellence, AXT is committed to environmental protection and positive corporate citizenship. In 2006, we were certified as meeting the international standards of ISO 14001:2004, an Environmental Management Standard. The certification followed an audit of our Beijing facility and environmental systems, conducted by SGS an ANSI accredited third party auditor.

ISO 14001:2004 is the internationally recognized standard for environmental management systems, providing guidance on how to manage the environmental aspects of an organization's activities, products and services more effectively, while taking into consideration environmental protection, pollution prevention, and socioeconomic needs. The ISO 14001 standard specifies requirements for establishing an environmental policy; determining environmental aspects and impacts of products, activities and services; planning environmental objectives and measurable targets; implementation and operation of programs to meet objectives and targets; checking and corrective action and management review.

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Management Team

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Morris Young, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Morris S. Young is the founder and Chief Executive Office of AXT. Dr. Young co-founded AXT in 1986 and has served in various roles including President, CEO, CTO and Chairman of the Board. Prior to founding AXT, Dr. Young served as a physicist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. and as a member of technical staff at AT&T Bell Labs. Dr. Young holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Metallurgical Engineering from Chengkung University , Taiwan, a Master of Science degree in metallurgy from Syracuse University and 1975 a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Metallurgy from Polytechnic Institute of New York University.
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Research & Development

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In both the U.S. and China, AXT maintains a multi-disciplinary team of skilled scientists,  engineers, and technicians, who focus on enhancing our three main substrates for haze reduction, improved yield, enhanced surface and electrical characteristics,  uniformity,  greater substrate strength, increased crystal length, and overall surface quality.

In addition to our regular ongoing programs, we conduct R&D as a function of our customers' requirements, collaborating with them to develop products in response to their long-term needs. From Fortune 500 companies to

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VGF Technology

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Vertical gradient freeze (VGF) technology is a proven technique for growing semiconductors composed of multiple elements that include: gallium, arsenic, indium, and phosphorus. Such semiconductors offer capabilities that exceed those of wafers created on a single crystal silicon substrate. Although AT&T Bell Labs pioneered VGF technology in the early 1980s, the founders of AXT, Inc. were the first to independently commercialize the process and make its benefits available to the market.

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